bere jelly with onion oil

bere jelly with onion oil


Bere Malt vinegar jelly with onion oil.

Serve with cold or cured meats.
250ml bere malt vinegar
5 sheets gelatine

Heat vinegar melt in gelatine and set.

Roughly chop up and put aside in fridge.

100g chives
100g leek greens
100g spring onion greens
300g grapeseed oil

Heat to 80c in a thermomix for 12 mins, hang over night in muslin.

Spoon jelly onto plate dress with onion oil serve with cold meats.

Recipe by Craig Grozier

Rosehip and lovage ketchup


Rosehip and lovage ketchup.

2kg ripe rosehips
500ml bere malt vinegar
50g honey
500ml water

Add all ingredients in a heavy based pan. Simmer until you reach a thick almost jam consistency. Pass through a fine chinois and store in glass jars or bottles.

Perfect with lobster, scallops and crab. Also goose, grouse, duck, venison or beef.

Recipe by Sam Britten

Pressed pigs head, pickled cockles (bere malt vinegar), raw onion, scurvy grass.


Pressed pigs head, pickled cockles (bere malt vinegar), raw onion, scurvy grass.

1 pigs head
2 carrots
2 onions
1 head of celery
Parsley stalks
4 bay leaf

Roughly chop stock vegetables. Add to big stock pan with all other ingredients and cover with water. Barely simmer for 6hrs, leave to cool then pick all the meat with some fat too. Season with just salt and black pepper. Press into a terrine mould and put a weight on to compress while cooling in the fridge.

500g Cockles
125g Beremalt vinegar
Rapeseed oil (splash)

Heat rapeseed oil in a wide, heavy based pan. When smoking add cockles and vinegar. Steam until the cockles open then transfer to cool bowl. Pick some cockles, leave some in the shell and add back into the cooking liquor until required.

Slice the pressed pigs head, dress with the cockles and remaining liquor. Serve with finely diced raw onion and scurvy grass if you can get it, alternatively use watercress.

Recipe by Sam Britten