Our Story

Producing our vinegar is essentially alchemy. From fermenting the alcohol using traditional methods to ageing in oak barrels for up to a year. The result is a softer, more rounded ingredient to cook with which carries more depth of flavour than standard vinegar.
Vinegar is a secret weapon in the kitchen – it performs its own alchemy to balance and lift flavours, whether in dishes or in drinks. Vinegar seasons food as you do with salt, and elevates flavours via acidity as you may with citrus fruits.
Orkney Craft Vinegar is made from either a wine (honey, rhubarb or seaweed) or a beer (malt), then fermented on again into vinegar. The barley we use for our malt vinegar is bere barley, an ancient grain unique to Orkney. Sam (director, brewer and ex-chef) started out on the island working at 18th-century Barony Mill – a historic watermill famous for grinding bere. Whilst there, Sam had the idea to create vinegar from bere using traditional methods, gradually incorporating flavours found in abundance on Orkney, such as meadowsweet and rhubarb.
Foraging in-season local meadowsweet
In keeping with Orkney’s ethos, our craft vinegar strives to be sustainable. We use no plastic in our packaging – just glass, cork and paper. Organic ingredients for each vinegar are foraged by hand on the island. Our hyperlocal approach is celebrated by the community of Orkney and our customers alike.
Foraging sugar kelp around the tides at the Brough of Birsay
We are incredibly proud to have a partnership with Orkney-based whisky distillery, Highland Park. We work closely with Highland Park who supply their whisky-soaked bourbon and sherry casks. We use these casks exclusively, along with Highland Park peated malt, to create our developing range of malt vinegar.
Highland Park distillery
Orkney Craft Vinegar offers a genuine taste of Orkney – brewed, acidulated, aged in wood and bottled. The appetite for vinegar as an ingredient is growing. We produce the best vinegar you can buy, and we’ll show you how to best use it.