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Brewed to perfection


Orkney craft malt vinegar is hand made in small batches in Orkney, using Bere barley. These islands are steeped in Neolithic history, and this ancient form of barley can be traced back 5000 years to these times. Bere is still grown in Orkney, and this vinegar is brewed using traditional methods from 100 percent malted Bere, which, combined with ageing in oak barrels, imparts a deep and complex flavour behind the acidity. We don’t use an ordinary barley, and this is no ordinary vinegar, as we’re sure you will tell when you try it.

Acidity and Vinegar is an essential ingredient and seasoning in all my food from savoury to sweet. It’s extremely exiting we now have an artisanal Scottish vinegar made from an ancient grain with one of the most diverse flavour profiles on the planet. Move over imported citrus fruits!
— Craig Grozier - www.fallachandining.co.uk
‘I came across Sam’s Orkney Craft Vinegar online & I contacted him immediately for supply, after reading the philosophy & the artisanal way that the vinegar is made I knew it would be a great addition to my cooking & my ethos at the restaurant.

The vinegar is raw & as with most unpasteurised products, it has bags of flavour, it has great depth & clarity all the things my dishes long for!

I use the meadowsweet vinegar as a seasoning for fatty meats & also the Beremeal vinegar goes perfectly with briny, saline shellfish such as clams & cockles, this truly is a chefs essential, perfection in acidity!
— Brad Carter www.cartersofmoseley.co.uk