Rosehip and Lovage Ketchup

A tasty and seasonal version of a classic condiment. Rosehips instead of tomatoes, lovage instead of celery and raw, living vinegar instead of spirit vinegar.

Perfect with lobster, scallops and crab. But also delicious with meats such as goose, grouse, duck, venison or beef.

2kg ripe rosehips
7 lovage stalks
250ml Rhubarb or Rosehip Orkney Craft Vinegar
100g honey
10g smoked sea salt
250ml water

Add all ingredients in a heavy-based pan. Simmer and cook down on a low heat until you reach a thick, almost jam consistency. Pass through a sieve. Adjust seasoning to taste by adding more salt, vinegar or water if required.

Store in sterilised glass jars or bottles.

Recipe by Sam Britten

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